Lone Star Finals at the University of Texas at Arlington on April 12 and 13, 2024. The deadline to register for the 2024 Lone Star Finals is March 7, 2024. The Lone Star Finals' Registration Fee is $350.00 per team. 

Receipts/Accounts- Please remember you will have access to your TX DI- Lone Star Finals Team Order by visiting registeryourteam.org. You will find your itemized receipt or invoice. If your school secured your place on the tournament schedule by submitting a school purchase order, the team manager is responsible for turning in the invoices and ensuring payment is made. There is a $50.00 late fee if payment is not made by April 7, 2024.

Itemized Receipts/Picking up State Merch- Please bring your itemized receipts to onsite registration. You will be picking up state merch during your assigned onsite registration time. Please enjoy the Mixer until it is your time to register. A full list of times can be found below. 


Option A- Team Order (registeryourteam.org) is intended for school districts that do not need their wristbands until competition day. You will pick these up during onsite registration (see group times). Please be sure to bring your team order receipt to onsite registration. See slide 11 for further details. 

Option B- -Presale Link- If you ordered wristbands using the link on our website, your wristbands will be mailed to you. If you do not receive them, please bring your itemized receipt to the wristband table. Friday- MAC 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and  Saturday-University Center 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. See slide 11 for further details. 

Option C- Wristbands will be sold onsite for $20.00 each. Ages 4 and up. Please note; that you must have a wristband before the Awards. They will not be sold at Globel Life Stadium. You will not be allowed to enter without a wristband for security purposes. See Globe Life Stadium bag and food policy. See the Closing Ceremony page on our website. 

Friday, April 12th- MAC 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and  Saturday, April 13th-University Center 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (last chance to purchase them before Awards). 

Team Wristbands- Your team will have a special wristbands intended for teams only.  Please wear them at all times during the event (including Awards). These are handed out by your region. Please contact them (see find your region page on our website). See slide 11 for further details. 

Regional Pins and T-shirts If you purchased regional pins for the pin trading event, you will receive these from your region. Please remember your regional t-shirt is required for the Awards. See slide 10 for further details. You will be representing your region as a regional winner. This will allow you to sit in the reserved team section. The seating assignments will be posted soon. 

 Lone Star Finals' Team Presentation-Click on the link to learn more about the tournament. 

Please note; that the Award Ceremony has been updated. The Award Ceremony has been moved to Globe Life Field (next door to Choctaw). 

Presentation Contents- (link is above) 

  • Slide 4- Steps
  • Slide 5- Registration
  • Slide 6 -Payment
  • Slide-7- Payment Options
  • Slide 8- Tournament Schedule
  • Slide 9- Volunteer
  • Slide 10 - Merchandise 
  • Slide 11- Admission Wristbands
  • Slide 12- Travel
  • Slide 13- Challenge Paperwork
  • Slide 14- Requirements and Restrictions
  • Slide 15- Friday Events (April 12)
  • Slide 16- Saturday Events (April 13)
  • Slide 17- UTA- Host/Location 
  • Slide- 18- Dining Options
  • Slide 19- Parking
  • Slide 20- Scores
  • Slide- 21- Closing Ceremony-Please note; that the Award Ceremony has been updated. The Award Ceremony has been moved to Globe Life Field (next door to Choctaw). 
  • Slide 22- Medals
  • Slide 23- Qualifying for Globals
  • Slide 24- Contacts
  • Slide- 25- Social Media -Stay Connected 

Lone Star Finals Team Challenge Paperwork is due April 2nd.  The team manager will log into their Destination Imagination account and complete those forms under our tournament. It is linked below. 

Challenge Paperwork- Please remember the appraisers will be reviewing your paperwork from April 2nd- April 12th. If you have any issues with the paperwork, you should use the message system to communicate your concerns. You will need to monitor the message system for their response and instructions. See the onsite checklist below for a complete list of paperwork requirements. 


Onsite- Registration Times- Please click on the link to find your team's required onsite registration window. Onsite registration is required. We ask that you only visit the onsite registration room during your assigned window. If you cannot make your allotted time, please send a responsible adult in your place. This person must be familiar with your team's registration and challenge paperwork. Onsite registration is open to adults only.  Students and children are not allowed.  Please make plans for the students/children to enjoy the Mixer with another adult. We will be located at the M.A.C. in the auditorium (look for the hanging clock). Your team order will be picked up at this time. Onsite registration is Friday, April 12, 2024 only. Wristbands will be required to enter all Texas Destination Imagination events (see slide 11 in the presentation above). 

Onsite Registration Checklist- The link is a copy of the checklist. Each team manager received a personalized checklist with your group time and invoice. You may find the group times above. 

New This Year- Teams will have access to their challenge paperwork via their Destination Imagination dashboard, once the tournament registration is completed and submitted. Please visit registeryourteam.org to register once registration has opened. 

 Important Tip- Do not wait to begin registering for the 2024 Lone Star Finals. Give yourself plenty of time. Create a timeline for yourself, and place all dates on your phone, calendars, etc. We rely on an army of volunteers and will only have them for a limited time. Therefore, we have no flexibility in the timeline. We must adhere to our deadlines to value our volunteers. Please join our social media pages (see bottom right of the page) for additional tips and posts. 

Important Dates- Please save all dates and create a timeline for your team. 

  • Registration and Payment- March 7, 2024 (all portions must be completed) registeryourteam.org 
  • State T-shirts and/or Pins Order and Payment- March 7, 2024 (all portions must be completed) registeryourteam.org
  • Spectator Wristbands- March 1-31st (link will be on our website)
  • Team Challenge Paperwork- April 2, 2024 (destinationimagination/org dashboard)
  • Team Competition Schedule is Posted- Please see our State Tournament page
  • On-site Registration Check-In- Posted- see above
  • Team Mixer- April 12, 2024
  • On-site Registration- April 12, 2024
  • Team Competition- April 13, 2024

 Lone Star Finals Team Worksheet for T-shirts and Pins- Please click the link to view the Lone Star Finals t-shirt and pin images and worksheet. Deadline to order is March 7, 2024. All orders must be placed with the team manager (one order per team). Please note; that the Regional pins are the pins traded at the State Tournament. Please get in touch with your region, if you would like to purchase regional pins and t-shirts. 

 Tournament FAQ- You will find frequently asked questions here. Please review both the FAQ and our website for important information. 

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